Unveiling Initus 2.0: New features & enhancements

Feb 26, 2024 | Newsroom

Release notes focused on UX improvements

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated update of our integration solution tool Initus IO 2.0. The next phase in our app’s evolution! Beyond software integrations, this is us standing at the forefront of innovation and bring forth a new era of integrations. This is us unveiling in details the new features and enhancements for Initus 2.0.

In this blog post, we share the remarkable journey we have taken to bring this new version to life. It is certainly a culmination of tireless effort, valuable user feedback, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We have listened to our clients closely. Understanding their needs and desires, and have implemented changes that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Unveiling Initus IO 2.0: Release notes on UX improvements. Furthermore, this is a special one. From redesigned interfaces, to enhanced features on our operations management tools. We have worked to create an app that transcends expectations.

It is not about the changes we bring to the table, its the potential that lies within our customer-centric solutions.

Besides, this new release stands as continuous improvement and marks the beginning of an era brimming with limitless possibilities.

As a team, we envision our app empowering transformation and users across the globe. This is our objective, to achieve their goals, streamline their workflows, and unlock newfound efficiencies.

Finally, read along our release notes focused on UX improvements for the detailed improvements added on this new release update:

Initus user Interface and Integration platform redesign: Our integration solution tool has recently undergone a strategic rebranding initiative, transitioning from .cloud to .io. This move aligns the company’s communication and vision with its commitment to delivering exceptional customer-oriented solutions.

New Operation Log Batch details dashboard. Unveiling Initus IO 2.0: Release notes focused on UX improvements.

Improved operation management tools: We have new features to improve the user experience. These include a new Operations Log page that allows users to visualize the Integration dashboard in a new way, making it easier to track and manage them. Another update is the new Operations Issues page, that centralizes information to drive better decisions and provides a comprehensive view of all the issues that need attention, previously called ‘Errors’. Additionally, there are new filtering options for both the Operations Log and Operations Issues pages, making it easier to find data quickly.

New redesigned to the Integrations Hub. Unveiling Initus IO 2.0: Release notes focused on UX improvements.

New Integration Dashboard Page: The new Integrations page is designed to offer clear access to all their integrations and make it easy to take action. i.e. View status and manage settings of every integration process.

In this new version you can create a Support Ticket directly from the dashboard. Unveiling Initus IO 2.0: Release notes focused on UX improvements.

New support page: Unveiling the new Initus 2.0 this was mandatory. The new Support page lets users submit their cases directly from the Initus app, without having to navigate through multiple screens to get help from our experts. The support team is always ready to help users resolve any issues they may have.

New design on the Insights performance report dashboard.

New insights page: In relation to data analysis. The new Insights page provides powerful performance reports that help users control their integrations in a better way. For example, users can now identify areas of improvement and understand their integrations better. The reports are designed to help users make better decisions and take appropriate actions.

Integration operations count enhancement: Accounts that owns multiple integrations will now be able to see how each integration is performing individually. This enhancement provides users with a detailed view of how each integration is performing, making it significantly easier to identify and resolve issues.

Time zones enhancement: The time zone enhancement is another significant update. Users can now set their time zone, making it easier to review operations, regardless of the location they are operating from. Finally, the software will automatically adjust the time to the user’s chosen time zone, making it easier to stay on top of all their integrations.

We know that every industry faces unique challenges and opportunities. At Initus IO, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. That’s why our team is ready to create software integrations that address the specific needs of any sector.

Adaptability +Experience + Strategic Methodology. If you have a tech challenge you want to overcome, you can contact us via Linkedin direct message or in our contact form here.

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